Facts About Coronavirus

picture of coronavirus


1) It is a viral infection, and a new strain of the seasonal flu virus.
2) Humans do not have any known resistance to the virus as it is a new strain.
3) Most people infected by it, suffer the mild version of the infection and make a full recovery.
4) However, full recovery can be limited if there are underlying medical conditions.

1) Coughing, normally starting as a dry cough.
2) Fever, usually beyond 37.5C.
3) Shortness of breath. This could be worse in people with asthma because coronavirus is a respiratory infection.

What should you do to protect yourself and others?
1) Practice good personal hygiene. This is the best remedy. Wash your hands with soap and water regularly throughout the day.
2) Cover your mouth when coughing, and nose when sneezing with a tissue if possible. Bin the tissue and wash your hands.
3) Avoid overcrowding, where you may be within 2 meters of others that may be coughing and sneezing.
4) Hand gels are effective if it is an alcohol-based hand gel. Antibacterial hand gels are no good because this is a viral infection.
5) Multivitamins or vitamin C is also recommended to boost the immune system.
6) Depending on the facial mask, you may limit the risk of airborne infection, but you must remember to again your hands again after handling the mask.

In summary; be safe, be calm and practice good hygiene.



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