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How D.I.S.S Alum of the Month Started  

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The Alum of the Month is one of the most popular sections of

Urenna Onyewuchi and Chike Ukaegbu were the first awardees.

Despite their achievements, a few people questioned how they were picked and most importantly, who picked them?

First, the process that produced the first Alum of the Month, Urenna Onyewuchi.

After the launch of, there was a need for interesting content on the website.

Okechukwu Onye suggested an article about Urenna Onyewuchi.

Urenna had organized the first D.I.S.S Alumni reunion in 2011. She was an inspiration to young female engineers, scientists and mathematicians.

An article about her would be great.

While researching Urenna's biography, we realized that she deserved more than an article on

We decided to make her February Alumna of the Month.

It was a spontaneous decision. There was no committee debate, no nomination or voting.

Just two guys looking for interesting content.

Same thing happened with March Alumnus of the Month, Chike Ukaegbu.

Okey and I were trying to come up with an inclusive process that would involve every member of the alumni.

We talked about online nomination and voting of candidates, but before the new process could be implemented, February was gone and we needed a March Alum of the Month.

The presidential election gave us the answer, Chike Ukaegbu.

Once again, the process was spontaneous. There wasn't much planning.

But most alumni members agreed that Chike deserved the honor. He was a solid choice.

Thankfully, our website forum is finally active. Members can now post and respond to topics.

Soon, we will be able to vote instantly for a candidate for Alum of the Month.

So to those who complained about the Alum of the Month process, iwe unu adila oku, o ga-adicha mma  😀. 






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