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Why don't we have a WhatsApp group for D.I.S.S Alumni?  

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A member of Class of 2015 asked this question: Why don't we have a WhatsApp group for D.I.S.S Alumni?

Good question.

WhatsApp groups are easy to form and almost everyone knows how to use WhatsApp. 

But WhatsApp limits the number of members a group can have. The maximum number is 256 members.

There are ways of increasing this limit to 3,000 or more members but it involves making software changes to the group admin's phone.

D.I.S.S Alumni potentially has 800 to 1,000 members. How do you fit all of them into a  256-member WhatsApp group?

Another problem with WhatsApp groups is that there are so many of them. I'm a member of six WhatsApp groups. It's difficult to keep up with all the chats in the groups.

A D.I.S.S Alumni WhatsApp group will create more attention problems for its members.

A third problem is that a lot of people have formed bad WhatsApp habits--arguing unnecessarily, repeating posts, exiting at the slightest provocation-- and will probably transfer those habits over to the alumni WhatsApp group.

It's better to have a fresh platform to discuss issues than create yet another WhatsApp group.

What do you think? Should D.I.S.S Alumni have a WhatsApp group?

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Having almost one thousand people chat in one forum will be very uncoordinated

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I totally agree with you, DISS whatApp group wouldn’t work.