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IGHUB Code Camp for Kids

Imagine how businesses operated fifty years ago.

Banks counted your money one bill at a time.

You wrote letters to business partners.

Buyers must visit your store to see your products.

Today, technological innovations like counting machines, mobile phones, email and online stores have made businesses easier to run.

Technology improves existing products and processes and creates new ones.

No modern society can thrive without technology.

In Abia State, a company called Innovation Growth Hub has promoted technology as a game changer in the state’s economic development.

Innovation Growth Hub, or IGHUB, has used digital technology to nurture businesses in different sectors of the economy.

It assists startups from the infant stage to maturity and has positioned Abia State as a centre of innovation.

IGHUB launched 6 startups this year, including The Footwear Academy, a production school for individuals interested in manufacturing shoes and Ogwugo, an e-commerce platform that connects small businesses to local and international buyers.

IGHUB also runs code camps for kids, teaching children the basics of computer programming.

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Queen Imoh is a member of D.I.S.S Alumni, Class of 2018




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