Job Title: Human Resource Manager

Reporting to: The Chief Operating Officer

Job Location: Lagos, Nigeria


Helium Health is seeking a Human Resource Manager to lead the human capital development of our fast-growing company. In addition to overseeing all human resource activities, the HR manager will be responsible for advancing a dynamic and purpose-driven employee experience during an exciting time of growth and expansion, cultivating our unique culture and values across different teams within the organisation.

The HR Manager will be responsible for developing and executing our people strategy as we fortify our growth in Nigeria and into other African markets.

Currently the #1 electronic medical records provider in West Africa, we are on a mission to accelerate Africa’s transition to technology and data-driven healthcare sector. Set to be the backbone of healthcare in the region, Helium Health is providing technology, connecting stakeholders and making data actionable across the entire ecosystem and consequently needs to assemble and support a team of highly skilled and entrepreneurial managers able to meet this unique challenge.

The HR Manager will ensure our organizational design, culture and talent management supports our mission. In addition, the HR Manager will possess broad human resources knowledge and enjoy enhancing our operational systems, benefits programs, employee relations and internal policies.

As part of our current growth strategy, we project our headcount will increase from our current 80+ full-time employees to 500+ across Africa by 2023.

What You Will Do:
● Ensure that Heliums vision, culture and values is clearly communicated and can be easily
understood by all employees, across all office locations, and is reflected and interwoven into all
company processes, initiatives and interactions with staff, customers, investors, partners and
the public.

● Design and implement clear job descriptions, job ladders and competitive incentive packages
for all roles within each business line to optimise the company for operational excellence and

● Design and publish company-wide policy documents that capture all office scenarios for
employees as well as document SOPs across all business units/lines that are clear, standardised
and can be easily followed.

● Design and implement an onboarding plan that integrates new employees into the vision,
culture and values of the organisation as well as their respective roles at Helium such that they
quickly grasp and imbibe our sense of purpose and get fully integrated into work.

● Build and optimise clear internal reporting metrics and framework for all business units
required by line managers, top management or other relevant stakeholders.

● Set up performance management and evaluation system with commensurate incentives and
rewards that drive optimum employee performance to meet Heliums internal OKRs.

● Optimise current admin and operational processes to ensure that they are not a bottleneck to
the company as it scales out into multiple business lines across multiple locations and regions.

● Implement an appropriate welfare program that ensures employees feel cared for and are
motivated and delighted to work at Helium leading to optimal performance at work and low
employee churn.

● Implement a robust employee training and leadership development program that invests
deeply in continuously improving the knowledge and skills of all Helium staff at all levels.

● Leverage your ever-increasing network and access to attract top talent both locally and globally
for any role required by Helium within any of our business lines.

● Advise senior management and leaders of all business units on key organizational and people
issues to pay attention to within their respective teams.

● Monitor and ensure that Helium maintains all applicable local and international legal,
regulatory, ethical and social compliance requirements, rectifying any breaches and avoiding
them from reoccurring.

● Ensure that Helium is an equal opportunity employer with an identity-blind, merit-based
decision process that allows for a diverse workforce and talent pool.
● Make Helium an all-around attractive organisation for top talent to work at both locally and

What We’re Looking For
● A seasoned HR executive with a minimum of 6 years of HR experience, with at least 3 years of
executive HR experience.

● A BS/BA degree in Human Resource Management from an accredited university or related.
MBA or MA/MS in human resources or related field is preferred.

● Senior Human Resource Professional Certifications and affiliations.

● Fluency and breadth of experience across a variety of HR functions.

● Experience leading and implementing HR functions within a high growth organisation.

● A strong bias for action and “rolling up their sleeves” to get the job done.

● Proven ability to develop strong relationships and partner with internal stakeholders to
develop strategies and execute with excellence.

● Self-starter with strong management and leadership skills. Significant business acumen.

● Skilled in leading the selection, acquisition, launch, and integration of HR technology platforms
to guide operational and strategic initiatives.

● Flexible, willing to travel, and engage with our employees at our various locations.

● An excellent communicator. Strong presentation, listening, and speaking skills.

● Very passionate about people and their development both personally and within a broader
organisational context.

How to Apply:
Please send your cover letter and CV/Resume to with the subject: HR Manager