Member’s Corner: Carol Eke

Member’s Corner takes a closer look at D.I.S.S Alumni’s 200 members. This week features Carol Eke from Class of 2011.


Carol Eke


How would you describe yourself?
I’m Carol Ola Eke, a Christian. My philosophy of life is to trust God and to live to the glory of God.

How did you pick your course of study at the university?
I had a hard time making that decision. I considered studying Medicine, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Economics and Fine Art. I had an interest in all those subjects, so you can imagine my dilemma. I prayed to God for direction. I remember joining the  Biology Olympiads preparatory class in SS1 and learning Genetics and Genetic Engineering.  I realized that I really liked Genetics, so I decided to study Cell Biology and Genetics at the University of Lagos.

What motivates you to study hard?   
I draw my strength from God. Although I want to make my parents proud and have a bright future, I don’t always have the zeal or drive to press on. God’s word and his promises are my greatest motivation.

How did schooling in Dority help you cope as a student?
D.I.S.S taught me to be obedient, hardworking, disciplined, determined and to dream big.

What do you remember the most about your time as a student of  Dority International Secondary School?
I remember when an ex-student, Barrister Uzoma Ikechukwu, came to speak to the students about success at the university and the need for God to direct our paths. When he asked for those willing to give their lives to Christ and have God direct their paths I came out. God has been helping me since then.

I also remember when the whole school gathered for the announcement of our Junior WAEC results and my heart was beating fast. I worked hard for the exam and was encouraged by a teacher, Mr Sidney Eluwah, to give my best in Junior WAEC in order to become a member of the Hall of Fame. I was determined, worked and prayed hard and made 11 distinctions out of the 13 subjects I registered for.

I also remember when I was elected Deputy Senior prefect in SS3 and when I moved from the last class to the first class with a 90.5 average in JSS1.

Where do you want to be in the next five years?
Working as a doctor and having my own book club, art gallery and art School.

Who inspires you the most?

Which of your achievements are you most proud of?
Encouraging some of my juniors in the university to give their best in school and seeing them get good grades.

Which issues or topics are you passionate about? 
Issues about Christian living, Art, Self Development and national development.

If you had the chance to mentor a D.I.S.S student, what advice would you give him/her?
Ask God to be the Lord of your life and to order your steps. Study His Word, the Bible. Take life seriously. Make the best out of your time in Dority. Don’t see yourself as inadequate, strive to be better. Study and understand what you are taught in class daily. Go to competitions. Don’t be lazy. Don’t watch movies at the expense of reading your books. Understand that there is a time for everything. Read your books. Be disciplined. Be obedient. Respect your parents and teachers and make them proud! Turn in your assignments on time. Don’t copy assignments from your mates. Be hardworking. Find your passion and career path while in D.I.S.S and develop yourself. You can be number one in your class. You can be whatever you want to be.



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