Member’s Corner: Ugochinyere Nkemdirim

Member’s Corner takes a closer look at D.I.S.S Alumni’s 150 members. This week features Ugochinyere Nkemdirim, from Class of 2013.

picture of Ugochinyere

Ugochinyere Nkemdirim


How would you describe yourself?

I’m a fun-loving, motivated and easy-going girl living her best life with zero regrets.

What did you study after graduating from D.I.S.S?

Mass Communication.

What kind of business do you do?

I’m a content creator and video blogger.

What motivates you every day?

To be better than I used to be so I can achieve my goals.

What do you remember the most about your time as a student of D.I.S.S?

The Friday sit-down assembly. It was my favourite activity in Dority.

Where do you want to be in the next five years?

I want to own radio and television stations and travel around the world.

Which of your achievements are you most proud of?

Studying and graduating from university without a lot of challenges.

Which issues or topics are you passionate about?

The media and how it affects society.

If you had the chance to mentor a D.I.S.S student, what advice would you give him/her?

Be yourself, study hard and get along with your classmates and teachers. School is not as hard as it seems.


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