Why You Should Join Your Alumni Association

Okechukwu Onye is a member of D.I.S.S Alumni, Class of 1997


picture of D.I.S.S Alumni
           D.I.S.S Alumni reunion 

Someone asked me, “Why should former students of D.I.S.S reunite after being apart for so long?”.

People react differently to alumni associations. Some are very enthusiastic and eager to be a part of it, while others are indifferent and don’t see the need to reunite with former classmates and schoolmates.

A lot of people avoid alumni associations because they feel they have not achieved a lot in life and their more successful peers could ridicule them.

Some people also believe that alumni associations are all about money and they don’t want to make financial commitments.

But alumni associations are not about money and success.

They are about passionate people who share a common bond and pride in their alma mater and are committed to their alma mater’s progress.

D.I.S.S Alumni is an exemplary alumni association, where members are passionate about D.I.S.S and each member is treated equally irrespective of year of graduation, financial capability, academic qualification, location, political affiliation or life achievements.

If you still have doubts about D.I.S.S Alumni, here are 7 reasons why you should join:

1. You can impact the current generation of D.I.S.S students through scholarships, awards or motivational speeches.

2. You can mentor D.I.S.S students and offer career guidance.

3. You can become a powerful voice in D.I.S.S Alumni, giving suggestions and advice that will influence the goals and objectives of the alumni.

4. You can network with D.I.S.S alumni members to explore career and business opportunities.

5. You relive wonderful memories and rekindle old friendships.

6. You get great ideas that can help you succeed in life. D.I.S.S Alumni has some of the world’s smartest, young people.

7. You become a bridge between the past and present generations of D.I.S.S students, teaching the lessons of the past and learning the innovations of the present.

If you have been looking for a way to give back to D.I.S.S, or a way to use your knowledge, skills and resources to improve the life of future generations, then join D.I.S.S Alumni.

You’ll be glad you did.



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